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  1. MPE (#340) or Eisenmann Race
  2. MPE for 340i
  3. 340i Test Drive, Pictures and Review - First 340i in Las Vegas
  4. Tunes for 340i ?
  5. 340i MPPK & Sound Kit available from 11/2015
  6. Manhart B58 Tune for 340i
  7. Some first official details on 340i M Performance Power Kit (MPPK), w/ exhaust clips
  8. 340i Oil temp
  9. Exhaust options for 340i? Same as 335i?
  10. B58 tunes and performance parts out?
  11. Burger tuning B58
  12. Where is the MPPK for 340?
  13. Burger tuning (BMS) B58 JB4 Dyno and Review Thread UPDATE 3/7/16 - 453 WHP!!!
  14. 340i MPE as port installed accessory
  15. BMW 340i xdrive M Performance Power and Sound Kit MPPK - Finally installed -PIC/VID
  16. CG Precision DS-1 Race Catted Downpipe - Now Fits 340i!
  17. Discussion 340 mods coming? exhaust, intake etc? JB4 Beta
  18. 2016+ BMW 340i/ix B58 Billet Intake - Gains up to 8 whp
  19. B58 JB4 Customer Dyno Compilation Thread - Show us your Dynos!
  20. AWE Tuning: BMW F30 340i Exhaust Suite
  21. B58 BMW 340 VM 4" CátLess D0wnpipe Dyno Testing - Before and After Results
  22. b58 engine replacement recall
  23. 340i power and sound kit
  24. Looking For Tuned 340i B58
  25. So I inquired about timing of Dinan packages for the 340, and...
  26. New water to air intercooler on B58
  27. B58 Tune or Exhaust mods?
  28. 2016 340i MPE video
  29. NEW RELEASE: Dinan F30 340i Exhaust
  30. Meisterschaft Super GT Drone?
  31. B58 Stock Vs Power Kit Vs Jb4
  32. Anyone have a soundclip of the B58 BMW Billet Intake?
  33. Tune for the B58 ?
  34. 340i equipped with M Performance Power and Sound Kit
  35. 340i uk remap
  36. jb4 for 340 experiences needed
  37. B58 at the track?
  38. Evolution Racewerks B58 4.5" Catless Downpipes Released!!! Pics and DYNO POSTED!!
  39. Enzo tune Vs Jb4 on the b58
  40. 340i JB4 warranty/dealership experiences?
  41. B58 stock boost levels
  42. F30 BMW 340 M Performance Exhaust
  43. B58 squeak - faulty tensioner/slipping belt
  44. 340i Build
  45. Catless DP legal in VA? Will I get blackflagged at State Inspection
  46. limits of 340i paired transmission
  47. B58 Oil Separator
  48. What's the AFR at full boost with B58 + JB4 ?
  49. F30 340ix Whining Noise at Cold Start
  50. Er 4.5 Catless Downpipe Going In 340i !!!!
  51. Short throw shifter for the 340xi?
  52. So US is getting screwed on MPPK for 340i
  53. B58 not enough power!!:(
  54. B58 Engine: please post your experience, including problems / resolutions
  55. B58 retrofit oil dipstick
  56. On Akrapovic web site: F32 440i exhaust is now listed as available
  57. B58 F30 340xi - Available Chargepipes?
  58. 340i 8AT and 6MT M-performance LSD
  59. Any early reads on 340i (xdrive) 6MT and clutch - ability to handle extra torque of J
  60. B58 BMS Intake Owners Thread
  61. B58 JB4 Shift Behavior
  62. 340i / 440i (B58) BMW M Performance Power and Sound Kit (MPPSK) Official Release
  63. MPPSK Question
  64. 2016 340i logs with intake downpipe JB4
  65. 340i/440i mppk owners and additional mods
  66. 340i tune ups
  67. 340i K&N Filter
  68. BMW F30 Blind Plug for JB4 Wire Part Number
  69. Exhaust for F32 440i?
  70. Does anyone know a good/installed quad exhaust for 340 M sport?
  71. M Performance Exhaust for the 340 sounds MEAN!!!
  72. 340i Exhaust clips
  73. 2016 340i - Before and After Dyno - MPPSK Install
  74. mppk exhaust tips.
  75. Sound request! Stock exhaust 340i w/ midpipes!
  76. NEW Active Autowerke B58 Tune almost here!! 60 whp / 90 wtq on Pump Fuel
  77. 340i xDrive Dyno Questions
  78. 340 chargepipe
  79. New B58 Section!
  80. 340i B58 MidPipe Options?
  81. Sponsors! Any plans for b58 black friday deals?
  82. Active Autowerke B58 Tune ORDERED! Dyno??
  83. Lucky me, first drive train malfunction 1475 miles
  84. Should I wait until black friday to see if there are any deals?
  85. Can Forgestar F14 super deep concave wheels fit the F30?
  86. VR Tuning Box?
  87. Active 8 Tune Dyno vs JB4 Dyno
  88. Yeah it's big...
  89. JB4 Map2
  90. JB4 Map 2 with latest update
  91. 340 B58 PURE STAGE 1 Turbo Testing
  92. Burger Tuning B58 Oil Catch Can Teaser
  93. JB4 or AA
  94. Er Vs Vm Catless Downpipes
  95. Spark plugs
  96. ER 4.5" Downpipe for 340i - Impressions
  97. JB4 Bluetooth Kit
  98. Billet Intake/BMS JB4- 440i MT
  99. 440i Mid Pipe/Reso Delete/Muffler question
  101. Lean/Oxygen sensor trouble shooting (F-series N55)
  102. Dinan 340i exhaust with midpipes is awesome!
  103. what modification next?
  104. B58 Billet BMS Intake | MPG
  105. Looking for a reputable shop in San Jose, CA area
  106. Happy with your 340i Manual Shift?
  107. 440i with PPK & JB4
  108. AWE exhaust vs MPE exhaust 340i
  109. Introducing the PURE Stage1 B58 Turbo Upgrade
  110. BMW flagging cars with flash and possible piggyback
  111. Thoughts on tune for a lease
  112. Dinan or MPPK
  113. Could this be the answer to more induction noise!?! :-)
  114. Dinatronics for 340!!!??!??
  115. Meth kit
  116. Any deals on kw coilover?
  117. Clutch vibration from a standstill
  118. What is the stock mid-pipe diameter?
  119. 340i jb4/Bms filter/er catless dp DYNo !!!!!
  120. 2013 335xi MPE on 2017 340xi
  121. What exactly is in the MPPSK?
  122. x40 Quad Tips Installation
  123. JB4 Development B58
  124. MPPSK spec question
  125. VR Tuning Box or Dinan Sport Tunes 340
  126. Car becomes shaky at around 80+ MPH
  127. First problem with the 340i this morning at 14k miles
  128. 335 & 340 exhaust compatibility
  129. VRSF B58 4.5" Stainless Steel Downpipe Released!
  130. BMS Releases the B58 Catch Can
  131. MPPSK Installation costs
  132. Cyba Tips on MPE?
  133. What to do with MPE after getting MPPSK?
  134. Problems adding the M Performance Power Kit at the port (VPC) for the 440i
  135. 340 MPPSK Dyno Run
  136. B58 340i/440i Downpipe Install
  137. Intercooler for b58
  138. MPPSK "gunshots" sound
  139. New Style of M Performance Exhaust Tips
  140. Dinan exhaust vs AWE vs ...
  141. MPE without tips
  142. What's the deal with all of the "low coolant" issues on F30s?
  143. BMW 340i - JB$ Install
  144. What engine mod next?
  145. 340 M performance power and sound kit
  146. Awe vs Akrapovic
  147. M-sport exhaust
  148. Downpipe and CEL
  149. Dinan midpipes and OEM axleback. OEM Exhaust diameter?
  150. OEM exhaust pipe tips diameter
  151. MPPSK or JB4 and AKRA
  152. B58 axleback straight pipe exhaust
  153. B58 Bench Flash
  154. B58 Dinan vs JB4
  155. Pp-performance tune.
  156. JB+ Quick Install for B48/B58 Under Development **EDIT** Released!!
  157. Dinan stage1 installation
  158. AWE + catless downpipe with resonator or without resonator?
  159. Dinan sport performance tuner
  160. Share a clip of your exhaust thread
  161. 2nd Problem with my 340i at 15k miles
  162. AWE 340i Exhausts - lead times down
  163. questions about JB4 installation/usage
  164. NEW RELEASE: DINANTRONICS Elite (340i / 440i)
  165. JB4 Map question
  166. How much oil to use for BMS Intake
  167. Questions About Meth
  168. 340i short shifters?
  169. 340i MPPSK - In-car sound
  170. 440i ZHP?
  171. Burger Tuning Results From Shift Sector CA February 2017
  172. Easy version BMS Short shifter installation guide for f30 340i
  173. Who has removed the secondary cat!?
  174. Stock Exhaust vs Stock muffler w/ Dinan Midpipe
  175. B58 JB+ Boost Setting
  176. Does the MPPSK increase the boost?
  177. Anyone tried Dinantronics Stage 1 for B58?
  178. BMS B58 Catch Can Results!
  179. Dinan Stage 1 vs MPPSK
  180. Cabin noise MPPSK 340i
  181. Is the MTech kit the same as those on 335?
  182. Poor quality of service at dealer
  183. MPPSK and the boot-up wallpaper on iDrive screen
  184. Midpipe with Stock or Aftermarket Exhaust?
  185. Dinan + midpipes + downpipe?
  186. Dinantronics Sport Performance Tuner Qs
  187. B58 Pure S1
  188. Installing B58 DP
  189. Lumpy idle anyone?
  190. HJS Catted Downpipe
  191. B58 Versus M3 Engine?
  192. MPPSK carbon tail tips on stock exhaust?
  193. M sport exhaust model # Canada vs U.S.
  194. M4 tips fit 340xi?
  195. Any update in running an Ethanol Blend yet?
  196. 340i - JB4+Decat vs MPPSK
  197. Is anyone actually working on cracking the B58 fuel cap?
  198. Downpipe acceptable?
  199. For Sale!!! - Active 8 Tune
  200. JB4, which map recommended? 440i (B58)
  201. Downpipe with JB4 for 440i (B58)
  202. Injector noise only in B58?
  203. B58 Turner Power Module, 91hp, 96ft-lb?
  204. Burger Short Shifter Kit (F30)--Feedback?
  205. Intake with MPPSK?
  206. NEW RELEASE: DINANTRONICS Elite (340i / 440i w/ MPPSK)
  207. BMW 340i Exhaust
  208. Is there anyway to remove 155mph governor?
  209. Intake/mapping/exhaust options
  210. mod questions
  211. JB4 Map 2
  212. Will 140i / 240i downpipe fit 340i?
  213. Bring You Own MPPSK
  214. Dinan stock and mppsk numbers
  215. B58 with exhaust cutout
  216. Mperformance exhaust tips ..port order.. can we remove them?
  217. Castrol 0w-30 06244 on sale 40%off at AdvanceAuto
  218. Horn beeps twice when locking doors
  219. Will Downpipe Cause Drone at Highway Speeds?
  220. Decat just fitted to 340i f31... Awesome!
  221. Now Available Agency Power 340/440 B58 Air Intake
  222. JB4 question for tpms
  223. What does hitting the B58 fuel limit feel like?
  224. Dinan VS MPPK VS JB4 for a 340i
  225. Sound Request: Catless DP and awe/Dinan midpipe and stock exhaust.
  226. Exhaust rattle / vibration
  227. Does the MPPSK have a different exhaust note on Sport vs. Sport +?
  228. Has anyone experienced shaking and rpm instability around 1k rpm?
  229. Jb+ vs Dinan Sport
  230. MPPK - How to know if its been installed?
  231. Update to my Air Conditioning saga on my 340i - final entry
  232. Any simple way to verify whether the MPPSK programming has been done?
  233. Big Boost Turbo - B58 Stage 3 turbo. 500+ WHP on stock fuel.
  234. JB4 App Advice
  235. Carbon exhaust tip finishers
  236. F32 440i With PPK Kit & DP
  237. Oil Catch can .. wtf to put it in B58
  238. MPPSK + Another Tune?
  239. MPPSK on Dinan Stage 1
  240. Active8 tune and catless DP
  241. clutch whistling
  242. Newbie with a question.
  243. All season Non runflat 18 tire for 340i
  244. Rebellion Auto iTuning Plug and Play
  245. Resonator delete question.
  246. General service question
  247. Rear Diffuser and Exhaust upgrade - Help
  248. WTB - JB4 w/BlueTooth Adapter
  249. Mppsk plus jb4 exhaust tone
  250. What did you do to your car today?