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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
You bet we will get these trims. More consumer money in their pockets.

They already do this with the X5. See post above.
I ask because, as SCOTT notes, they have had SE and ES, for example, elsewhere for a long time, and we never had those distinctions in the US. M Sport was also something that was not avaialble in the US until recently, and we still do not have a full individual program. There are other options, features, packages, etc, that continue to not be available in the US as well.

I think you are probably right - we probably will see these trim levels - but the answer is not simply "more consumer money in their pockets". The US has some of the lowest prices in the world and while the reason for this are many, part of it has been due to a limited number of configurations available for cars sold here. The fewer configurations to deal with, the more simple it is to build cars and the less it costs per unit in infrastructure and management, etc.