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Originally Posted by rodi View Post
this was my internal macbook drive. can't raid that. and as i mentioned, i keep my actual work-related footage on double-redundancy backups. meaning, i've got backups of my backups. i just haven't backed up my other shit in quite a while. i just checked, and my last backup of my photos was in December. ugh. idiot.
I'm paranoid as all heck. I've got a 2TB RAID mirrored drive hooked up via USB to my MacBook Pro that acts as my TimeMachine Drive. I have another 2TB RAID mirrored drive hooked up via FireWire that acts as my drive that holds all my home movies and main Aperture library and Vaults.

The Aperture library that I have as my default library on my MBP only contains pictures and movies from my camera from 2011. That library gets backed up on TimeMachine as well as the 2011 Vault. When I switch to the Main Aperture Library, I also back it up to the Main Aperture Vault. Granted, they are both on the same 2TB Mirrored RAID drive, but if one file were to get corrupted, I still have the other file available.

I'm so paranoid of drive failure, I swapped out my HD from my MBP to a 256GB SSD. So now, not only do I have speed, but less chance of mechanical failure. When I leave the house, the MBP goes with me, leaving the external RAID drives behind. When I come back home, I just hook everything back up to my laptop and back everything up.

I'm sure there are more careful people out there that have a huge RAID box with more than just two drives in them.