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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
Nice backup scheme Henry... you can never be too careful.

I recently bought a sweet higher-end NAS for backups of various things (including my photo libraries). I found it by chance for like 60% off at Micro Center, and I think it was a price-mistake that they didn't realize.

After buying the HDs, I now have ~6.5 tb of available storage in RAID 5, and a peace of mind.
I've got my funky set up only because my first RAID enclosure i had to return for a replacement. While waiting for my replacement, I bought another enclosure. When the other enclosure came back, I got two more drives and hence this my current set up.

A NAS drive in RAID 5 is a sweet set up. Much better protection than my simple Mirrored drive set up. It's actually the set up I first considered but wanted to go the cheap way but eventually ended up spending as much cash. Probably one of these days, costs will be so low and bandwidth much faster that most people will just back everything up on a cloud instead of having to set up their own back up systems.