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So I got rid of my Tokina 11-16mm and my Tamron 18-200 and got every single cent of my money back, mainly due to the resale value and availability of the Tokina. I'm now a couple of hundred dollars closer to a 70-200 f4L...I'm not sure if you guys recall me asking if it's worth the price to get the IS. I decided to just save some more and get it, probably at the end of the month.

Next question: I don't have a preferrence when it comes to shooting. I bring my camera everywhere and shoot everything. I like the AF points and speed of the 7D but would like the full frame and low light capabilities of the 5Dii. I'm not sure if Canon will release an MKiii soon, and if it will have the processor that the 7D has. At $900 difference, would it be better just to wait and see what Canon releases?