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Originally Posted by khaye1 View Post
I really don't have a preference? I shoot what's available to me...but the way you narrowed it down, it looks like I might be swaying to the 5D direction. However, my son will be taking sports next season so I kinda wanted to future proof myself. These bad boys are not cheap so if I buy one now it's going to be with me for a very long while.
I did a fair amount of sport with my 5DmkII, it has a tiny bit more shutter lag then the 7D does, but it is still very capable. The main difference is, you're depending on your abilities as a photographer to get the shot rather then just machine gunning the shot and hoping for the best. My capture rate is pretty much the same on both cameras when shooting the same type of sports.

if i had a friend with me, i would hand them the 7D as it would increase their capture rate, but since i was used to the speed of the 5DII i would get just as many usable shots as them. So it comes down to practice mostly.

Now when i shoot sports with the 7D, i still try to get the one shot and not rapid fire it, i do leave the high speed shutter engaged so that if i do miss my timing, i do have the potential to still capture it, but it really comes down to timing, and that's it.