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[quote=MPBK;10398346]You can target exercises and develop the muscles in one part of your body, but you can't target fat burning on one particular part.
For example, if you did a thousand situps a day, you still wouldn't show a six-pack while your upper body and legs are full of fat.
If you did the thousand situps a day, you'd have a nice six-pack, for sure, but it wouldn't show because there would be a layer of fat covering it.
Men, particularly older men, have a propensity to store fat in the belly region. So, by the time a 40-year old male can display a nice six-pack, his entire body is pretty much lean mass. If he never did any upper body exercise, his upper body would look ugly as hell without any fat, but he'd have a six-pack to die for. [/QUOTE

Have you ever ran in your life, maybe your upperbody looked like crap because you didnt use your arms to run.
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