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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
Seriously! They'll use a crowbar to open both cars. Smash a window or pry open a trunk, either way they'll take it if they want it.

I'm still crossing my fingers that the 3er wagon will still make it here. Though I wouldn't hold my breathe for a 335 version. They sell around 5k units a year here, not a ton but do they really expect to sell more of those god awful 3er GT's Now I completely understand with the 5er wagon. They sold something ridiculous like 500 units a year.

On the upside I found that not my nearest BMW dealer but a close one has a habit of carrying a handful of e91's at all times. At all of them are executive turn in. So loaded to the gills(no ZMP models though) and low low miles and all are usually under $38k. May try to take one of them off their hands this summer if I can work a nice deal to trade my JSW.
I didnt realize that the annual numbers for 3er wagons was that high. I have been with BMW for a year, and sold a grand total of one. And to be honest, I think that the low sales are less to do with the trunk VS the back of a Wagon, so much as the American love for SUV's, which most justify by extra "utilitarian" capabilities that they will never use.