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Originally Posted by sanchorb View Post
Wohoo!! I like it very much. At least the fact that it is not that radically different from the E90, but one might be able to tell only when they present it without all the camouflage and at close range. Maybe that means that our E90īs will not look as dated as it happens when you see it against an E46... If these "entwicklungs" last about 7 years, then I will make plans , maybe in 2015, to upgrade my e90 to a 2013 F30...wouldnīt go for the first model on the new car, I think many small bugs tend to appear on that first incarnation and tend to be resolved on the second year. Anyway I like it very much, hope they reveal it soon!
My 1st car was an E36 and we still own an E46 330i which I still think is a better looking car than the Banglized E90 and thus have no reason to change. We also own an E92 because the coupe looks so we didn't completely abandon the current generation 3-series.

Insofar as the sedan goes, I'm waiting for the unveiling of the F30 and, on the contrary, hoping it's going to look materially different then the E90. However, based on the spy pics so far, it's seems to look like a mini-F10 which I'm not so crazy about (still better than the Banglized E60 though, but that's not saying much). Given this, I'm likely going Audi (probably S4) which has better performance than the 335i but is, IMO, is a much better design.