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Unfortunately the front looks like the rendering, lol

I saw a rendering about 6 months ago, and thought "whoever did this rendering must be smoking something, they cant leave that opening of the hood all that amount to the back of the kidneys"...and the final one looks exactly like that rendering I saw.... Not really sure I like that HUGE overhang in front of the front wheels, maybe I will need time to adjust to it...seems like they want to evoke the old days of sharknosed BMWs. Either way, I love the rest, the back is not that different from a facelifted E90, and anyway I am sure I will be drooling for a 2013 (used one) in 2015...ok, maybe I wont be able to wait, let us say 2014...
Damn, it seems like the unveiling of this F30 was a soap opera, so many people waiting to see how it would look...