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I am a BMW fan-boy and have owned many BMW models, (both standard and M), and something about this overall design (exterior and interior) just doesn't look right.

The front end is not properly balanced, and the lower fascia positioning plus the inter-connection between the headlamps and the kidney grills gives the impression that the bonnet was unevenly pressed down at the front. I think much of this is caused by the higher lines that are present on the hoods, and due the fact that the side panels and rear of the car have a very similar form to the current E90 sedans.

I also feel like there is too much homoginzation going on between the different size/families of BMW's. There are many design remenants from the new 5 series found in this car.

The interior is just a cluster-**** of issues. The only interior photo I have seen that looks even remotely decent is the beige/bamboo wood interior. There is very nice, and subtle black/beige/brown contrasts there.

On the other interiors, especially the M-sport edition, the black/blue/grey/silver contrasts between seats, dash, dash accent lines, and components do the opposite of what should be visually pleasing, they draw your attention to the fact that there are too many asymmetrical lines happening on the interior, and it leaves one with the impression that different sections of the dash were designed in committee, without seeing the rest! Even some of the materials used and texturing seems inappropriate for our precious BMW-brand.

I, like many other buyers, tend to form opinions on cars visually. I fear this is one car that may not illicit the same emotional response as BMW has enjoyed in the past.