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I've been a BMW owner for about 10 yrs. My first BMW was an E46 328 sedan, I immediately feel in love with the car both inside and out, just turned my head and had to own one. Kept it for 9 yrs.

I'm now in a 2011 E90 335i sedan w/ navigation. I disliked the 06-08 version, then the 09 came out and I feel back in love with it, the front on the 09-11 remind me alot of the E46 front. With the Florida sun, my double hump nav is really a perfect combination, it eliminates all glare and allows me to see perfectly. With the USB option, I love how my music intergrates into the nav.

There are just a few things that concern me about the F30. The nav is the main issue, in Florida I just can't see how this will work to prevent glare like my E90. I will have to test drive it to see in real world. The other is how the dash slopes and ends sharply on the right. It looks weird, I'm use to my E90 dash. It also almost looks like the radio/center console slopes upwards, when you look at it from a side view, it seems to be angled up. I do like how it is more angled toward the driver though.

I will wait till I test drive to determine outcome but I'm wondering if I might be growing out of the 3 and now into the 5. I feel the interior of the new 5 series is nicer and the nav is better intergrated on the 5 series.