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Originally Posted by juddholland View Post
However I do recall many E46 owners responding to the E90 with disgust. One piece from either Road & Track, Automobile, or Car and Driver (I cannot remember which) was written by an editor whose wife, upon seeing the press release pictures of the E90, declared something along the lines of, "No way are we buying that car." And years passed as they so quickly do, and that editor found himself in an E90; shocker.
I was one of those E46 owners who didn't like the looks of the E90 and I still don't (though the post-facelift E90's were better) and never bought one. The E92, on the other hand, looked fantastic from day 1.

Though I agree that the resemblance is a bit too close to the F10 and kind of boring, I am still thankful that it looks closer to the F10 than the E90. I had the S4 on radar but now I'll give the F30 serious consideration.