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for those complaining about the size, get a 2 series!

who didn't see this coming? 6 series is now like the old 8 series, like driving a 2 door 7 series! it really is inbetween a 5 and 7 in size, so that means the 4 series is going to be inbetween the 3 and 5 series in size and I think closer to the 5. The 2 series will be inbetween the 1 and 3... The M2 is going to be the next gen M3 (not the M4), but everyone is going to have to get used to it having under 400 HP again. My guess is the M2 will have around 360HP but be 0-60 in close to 4.2 seconds because of the weight. M4 will have 450 HP turbo and be faster in a straight line but not on the track!

I will be getting an M3 Sedan (you know, typical family sedan), so I don't care about either