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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
for those complaining about the size, get a 2 series!

who didn't see this coming? 6 series is now like the old 8 series, like driving a 2 door 7 series! it really is inbetween a 5 and 7 in size, so that means the 4 series is going to be inbetween the 3 and 5 series in size and I think closer to the 5.
Umm... No.

The problem with your logic is the 4-series is a 3-series coupe. It is a 3-series chassis, with 3-series running gear, with two-doors.

Please people, don't let the number "4" trick you. It is marketing.

The 6-series is a completely different case. It is not a two-door 5-series.