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Originally Posted by rmani View Post
agreed. e46 m3 was the best looking, but imo the worst driving. i like the characteristics of the e36 and e92 more. The e46 steering always felt a bit light to me.
The E46 M3 steering felt light to you?
I don't see how that's even possible as it's not true.

If you mean that the E46 3 series had light steering, that was only for the initial model, or model and a 1/2. BMW corrected that very early on in the E46 life.
My 2003 E46 325i sport had very nicely weighted steering, and the E46 M3 steering had an even nicer weight. A 1999 or 2000 3 series does have the "light/er" steering feel, which was quickly fixed.

My current 135i steering effort is about the same as my E46, but the E46 steering felt better and more direct with better overall feel for what the front tires were doing.

The new power saving steering assists remove too much feel.
I think it would be better to just use hydraulic assist only under 10-15mph where it can help with parking, after that speed turn power assist off completely to save fuel, as the system doesn't need to run for the majority of the miles during the cars life.