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Originally Posted by samchoi604 View Post
right... some 2-door cars designed from the ground up as a 2-door car don't work very well either. For instance, the e82
The 3-series coupe/convertible is, in its least noble description, the bargain grand tourer that is actually too small to be a true luxury 2+2. It competes with the likes of the Audi A5 and Mercedes C-Class Coupe. The back seat of the E92 is under no circumstances the same size (legroom, width, comfort) as that of the E90, and thus we understand that the E92 is not an E90 with two long doors, but rather a car geared slightly upmarket relative to its sedan counterpart, catering each to their own demographic of buyers. The Audi and Mercedes are as well designed upon the same principle.

Don't let the test mules fool you. There are three-dimensional body camouflage pieces that hide the newly designed lines, creases, and contours you'd expect of a proper and up to date BMW. BMW wants to throw you off into thinking this car is a Mustang, an Infiniti, or a Volvo. It could be any one of those with this intensive camouflage bolted on. The only tells are the typical camouflage pattern, the test mule LED taillights, and the wheels that were used unbadged in testing for the F30.

And I agree with you samchoi. The E82 is only almost "right" when it's a 1M. The standard model's tiny proportions yet ostentatiously large eyes and high pitched roofline require the exaggerated wheel wells and front intakes of the 1M.