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E92 looks nothing like E90. It's not a "stretched out" version of its sedan brother. The cars differ in height/length/width, sheet metal, contours, and more. Additionally, when the E92 debuted, it had different rim choices, trim, and front and rear light assemblies that E90 owners were clamoring for (daytime halos, no mustache, no raccoon eyes, no over-sized oldsmobile taillights, etc)... of course i'm biased, but I think it's a more refined and elegant design ... much sexier and sleeker. Sure, some may just not like the E92, but I think a lot of E90 owners rationalize their dislike for it because the E90 was their choice for practical purposes (needing 4-doors) or they were impatient and couldn't wait for the release.

I'm talking pre-LCI here ... I actually lean towards LCI E90 over LCI E92.

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