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Originally Posted by Snow King View Post
I disagree. When I initially saw the F30 in camo I couldn't tell if I liked it or not. Only when it was uncovered completely could I make an informed decision - and I realized I liked it. The camo swirls do play tricks to your vision and throws your perception off just a bit. I though the proportions were off, but now they look just right to me.

They do this party for marketing reasons to get people talking about it (we all like to speculate about what we don't know - i.e. new iPhone or gadget) but it also does help in preserving their design from other car manufactures. It won't be out until mid 2013, that's a lot of time to steal a design or idea.
Well, with what you just said, you actually do agree with me, that the camo does nothing to help people know if they like it or not.

I don't see how using camo stops others from copying a design.
It's not like all of a sudden a car maker will change their design direction to go with a non camo BMW.

It's not like Audi will change their A4 or MB their C class to then look like a 3. An auto maker in this class of car isn't looking to copy a design.
They want their own look.

The camo may serve to create talking points, but it also serves to create negative talking points, much like what is seen here, and has happened many many times in the past.
To me, it serves no positive value.