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Originally Posted by juddholland View Post
Clearly the plastic lower trim is just for testing's sake, and it just so happens to make everyone think it's a Mustang or Nissan Altima Coupe. As it is neither of those things, I added the camo-pattern to the lower body trim to simulate the presence of painted panels. I also did my best to draw the contour of the window according to the Hoffmeister kink using the clone stamp tool. And to further accentuate the non-trunk taillamp piece, I removed the round test-mule LEDs.

Notice also that some body panels are raised. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Those panels are used to cover newly innovated contours and creases. They also make you hate the spy shots so that you're wowed when the car makes its debut.
I agree that this design will probably be nice in the end.
But, I don't agree that the camo is done to actually MAKE you hate it, so that the customer is later wow'd at the finished look. It's an interesting perspective, but I don't agree that that's why the camo is there.

The camo on the new 1 series hatchback didn't make me hate it or like it.
It looked very much like the previous model. With the camo off I still don't like it and wasn't wow'd by it, other than I thought, "Wow, I still don't like it."
I have now accepted the new headlights. I don't think they're great, but they're ok/acceptable.

This camo'd car does not look like a Mustang or Altima to me, not at all, and I don't get why many see it that way. It's a coupe profile, so it will share similarities. But, overall the camo'd profile still looks like a BMW 3 coupe to me.
As someone else stated, if that's the new Mustang then it's a much sleeker Mustang.