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Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
it wouldn't work. Every person has an opinion different than the other, so if bmw is to listen to people, they wouldnt be able to do a design that satisfies everyone. I like the f30 headlights while others might not. I would give bmw a huge headache rather than a surpise design that would save them a lot of remodeling.
That's true. Design by committee opinion could lead to looking worse.

But, using public comments could lead to some trends that appeal to a wider audience. You can't change every little thing to please everything, true. Yet, it might be a valuable source of information.
After all, most auto companies do use non employee and employee customer opinion committees to test things, to see if they are viable in use and design.
It's likely that this design has already had a group of people commenting on aspects of the car and it's design.

My basic point is that this cars overall design is pretty much done.
At this stage, these camo'd tests are testing drive trains and suspension tuning, and other interior switch gear, etc...
This is not initial stage design. It's end stage. So, the actual design is probably 90-99% finished.
Some changes may be made if some of the design DETAIL/small things, aren't working out.
That's why I'm not a fan of the camo.
If this were some early stage exterior design testing, it probably wouldn't be on the road.