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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
The verts heavy rear end kills the fun. Drop top motoring is good when you want to just cruise, but when you want to carve up some back-roads, the balance of the sedan and coupe is almost second to none. That's one thing BMW does very nicely. Even weight distribution. I hope they keep it going with the F generation 3 series.

This theory would work great if a rear weight bias didn't work better than a 50/50 weight bias. BMW traditionally can't get much better than 50/50 because of the front engine and front transaxle plus the desire for four seats, but there's a chance that the F80/F82 could push things towards a 45/55 weight bias which would help acceleration, braking and with proper suspension tuning, handling too.

There's a good reason F1 cars, LeMans racers and nearly every exotic are around 35/65 weight bias and even front engine cars like the 599 GTO have a pretty heavy rearward weight bias.

I will concede that the lack of torsional stiffness and added weight of most convertibles does make them less fun at the limit than coupes, but it's certainly not because they have more weight over the back.