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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
As someone who's already picked an E82 over an E92 because of outward size, I imagine the difference in the F32 and F22 will become even more noticeable. Pity about the F20 front end.
A big benefit to the new size is that it will weigh LESS than the current coupe.
That's a big positive considering it's longer wheelbase, which will give it a great ride, and a bit wider at the wheels, which will give it more handling stability.

I agree that this concept that every new chassis must be bigger is silly.
If people bought the car at the size it currently is, then what is the justification for increasing the overall dimensions?
When I had my E46 I never thought or said to myself, "Man this car would be great if only it were bigger."
That NEVER crossed my mind.
As well, with my 135i my only wish is for a better sport suspension and better rain gutters.
I've never once thought the 1 would be better if it were bigger inside and out.

A better method would have been to increase wheelbase and keep the same overall length, thus keeping the short overhang look of previous 3 sedans and coupes. Then, increase the wheels width a bit, and you have better ride and handling with the same overall exterior size.
That would have reduced weight a bit more and give the new car better overall agility and appearance.

Gaining an inch or so in rear leg room isn't going to increase sales in this class and size of car. If someone really needs more interior room and they want a BMW, then there is the 5 series, which could have stayed the same size as before as well.

This bigger mentality is a major reason why many of us moved into the 1 series as it is a smaller BMW that many of us appreciate.
It's sports suspension is the greatest, but that hopefully will be addressed and fixed with the new 2 coupe.

For me, the 2 won't be here in time for my next purchase so I may go with the new 3 sedan and 3 years from now I may look at the next 2.
I have some weighting to do.

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