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Originally Posted by kardboard View Post
This will not look like an Accord
Actually it kind of does. lol So does the MB C class coupe. Strange that a lot of things kinda look like the accord. Guess its the car equivalent of chicken. I like the new 6 series versus the old one. Not sure yet on E92 vs F32, we'll see.

You all sound like a bunch of E9X owners jealous over the fact that your cars will soon be obsolete compared to their newer models.
Don't troll, people are entitled to their opinions. They'll speak with their wallets when the car comes out.

SCOTT26 has said before that the 4 series car will be drastically different than the 3 series in styling. This is just a render of a camo'd 4 mule with a known F30 sport line frontend.
A 4 mule with F30 front end... Which looks drastically different from 3-series styling, so the point being...?

Keep in mind that the 5, 6, and F30 spy shots ended up looking pretty close to the final product so why should we believe F32 will be any different?