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Having now had the time to sit back and look at the render I am not overly excited and bored to be honest as we appear to have degressed rather than progressed.

Given the dues that the render was straight from one of the scoop photographs they seem to have, at the rear quarter incorporated the plastic panels that are hidden under the camouflage to beef the car out and hide some of the detail such as the surface design work. So that should be smoothed out more and look less bulky- The best idea is to look at the latest Autobild rendering that seem to have the outline and the sculpture work in the best idea possible.

Now that BMW see the need for the Coupe to be more independent from the sedan in not only design but this time in name. So in order to stretch the Coupe away from 2dr Sedan even more so than the E92 it will not inherit the complete face and tail features from the 3er. The E92 already done this to great success so it will be carried over to the 4er.

The front end of the car will not be a pure carryover from the sedan.

It will use the idea of the connected grille ( As will all future BMW's) but will do it differently from the sedan. Like the E92 we will see a more sportier looking slimmer headlight a bit like this render but will use a wider and deeper twin-kidney grille than the 3er. The new 4er will have to stay true to two bloodlines now - The BMW Coupe "Bloodline" and the 3er "Bloodline".

Which means there will be Coupe traits from the 6er- mixing sportyness with dynamic elegance and the details from the 3er but interpreted in a more sportier, powerful way.
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