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Cool BMW F32 Coupe vs. E92 Coupe Test Prototypes

BMW F32 Coupe vs. E92 Coupe Test Prototypes

Reactions to the F32 coupe spy photos and videos we've posted so far have included some complaints that the F32 looks too long or has lost its sporty proportions. We beg to differ.

We revisited the earliest E92 coupe test prototype photos from back at the end of 2005 and we've posted below a comparison of the F32 coupe at this early stage camouflage compared to the E92 coupe during its early stages of testing.

Scrutinizing the photos, it's easy to see how a camouflaged coupe appears overly lengthy and bulky, especially with respect to the front and rear fascias, which still have heavy and cumbersome camouflage.

Keeping in mind how attractive the E92 coupe turned out in production form, we wouldn't bet against BMW with respect to the F32's design. Of course it's always a bit silly to declare final judgment on a car based on preliminary heavy-camo images, so the point here is that it's wise to reserve your judgments until the car is fully revealed (or at least loses most of its camouflage).

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