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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
You can choose between black and beige leather for a model without any of the lines. Also, there are three trims avaialable: a silver trim, an aluminum trim with black strip and a wood trim.
Thanks very much for that, south. So, in fact, if you opt out of the lines entirely, your choices as compared to what is available are somewhat less in number and variation. Certainly, all of the new and interesting combinations from the three lines are not at your disposal.

BTW, what of the other accents, such as exterior window trim, grill slats, bumper accent colors, door sills, etc? Do you know what's available for those items when no line is selected?

Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
Interior trim is silver, brushed aluminium and wood. The white mirror caps only come as an option with the urban package. Also, the urban package offered 2 other cloth interiors! blue accents or white accents.
Thanks hks. It sounds like the F30 will have the same limited "palette" of selections when no package is selected as well.
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