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Originally Posted by 宝马.e90 View Post
I'm curious about this as well. For example, the modern and sport lines have a different instrument cluster than the luxury line so if we were to build a standard car (no lines) which instrument cluster is the standard?
The luxury line cluster is the standard cluster as only sport and modern lines have specifc clusters.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Thanks very much for that, south. So, in fact, if you opt out of the lines entirely, your choices as compared to what is available are somewhat less in number and variation. Certainly, all of the new and interesting combinations from the three lines are not at your disposal.

BTW, what of the other accents, such as exterior window trim, grill slats, bumper accent colors, door sills, etc? Do you know what's available for those items when no line is selected?
Bumper accent colors are line specific, so you don't get them without the respective line.

As to window trims, you can choose between matt black (standard) and shadow line. Chrome trim is tied to the Luxury line and not available else, regardless of the model.

As to grill slats, they're tied to the lines as well: Standard models have black slats (yes, even 335i), Sport line has gloss black slats, Luxury line chrome slats and Modern line matte chrome slats.

Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
Also, does the M-sport come with the blue interior strip? Can you remove that?
Yes, you can have the same interior trim but with a black strip for the M-sport.

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