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Insert badge sarcasm here:

Dear BMW,

It IS too confusing; I do need to check out the side badge on the BMW beside me to know how to judge the driver before I can give him or her an approving nod. We need more badges on our cars, I have a few more for you to use free of license depending on what options (or lack of) you choose:

1.) Pre-Modern, Modern, Post-Modern, Futuristic and Visionary

2.) Cheap, Budget, Tree Hugger, Economy, Standard, Suite, Luxury, Double-King and Presidential

3.) Lethargic, Recreational, Speed-Walker, Hiker, Jogger, Runner, Sport and Extreme Sports

If I was sitting at a light in my 'Extreme Sports Presidential Visionary' and a lady pulled up in a 'Tree Hugger Lethargic' I would not give her the time of day, unless she was cute, then I would flex my Extreme Sportiness at her