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Originally Posted by TheDuke83 View Post
I hope the coupe doesn't follow suit as they all should be sport, but I assume it will? I don't get how trying to give us more options seemed to have given us less?
It's simple, you lack reading comprehension as does the entire rest of this forum, it seems.

You can still get a regular BMW in any color, with any interior and trim you want and get whatever options you want. These lines are just packages of options combined with some visual changes and badging. Apparently there was demand for these, and I can imagine a few people I know going for certain lines but I think most people will still buy BMWs the way we have until now, by picking options and colors a la carte.

Also, why should they all be sport? Do you realize the VAST majority of BMW buyers have no interest in sporty driving? There are two E90 328is in my family and both are driven by people over 60. They both really love their cars and, obviously, neither of them has the sport package. Things may be different where you live, but where I live almost all BMWs you seen are driven by middle aged men and women, I even saw an elderly lady (full head of white hair and everything) in a brand new F12 650i today.