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Originally Posted by taxbuster View Post
Curious. So how will they distinguish between a 'real' 2012MY and the 2011 posing as a 2012?

From what I read we shouldn't really expect the 2012 until February or so (kind of a crappy time to buy a car in Canada....).
Not sure if I fully understand your question, but the F30 will start MY 2012. Any E90 being made from September of this year until they go out of production is a MY 2011 whether it is sold in calendar year 2011 or calendar year 2012. Yes, it is a little peculiar for BMW to still be selling MY2011 cars into the year 2012, but that's how they decided to do it this time around instead of having a short run of MY 2012 E90s from September 2011 to February 2012 (like they've done in the past), which would then have made the initial F30 model year MY 2013.

Originally Posted by Staszek View Post
E92 is a real 2012 it has one year of production left just like the E93 and the E92/93 M3, the F32 will be a 2013 not a 2012.
Actually, the F32 is more than likely a MY 2014. We already know MY2012 for the E90/E92 ends June 2012, and the F32 won't be ready until sometime in 2013. So, it seems almost assured at this point that there's going to be a run of MY2013 E92/E93 from July 2012 until sometime in 2013.
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