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So here is the deal. The reviews I am seeing of the 328 all seems to have the style 401 staggered 19" wheel. It looks nice however based on the Pricing sheet it seems it is not even offered on the 328 and is an option on the 335. So how come all the review cars have it. Is it that those cars are for a different market or is BMW pulling a fast one. Btw why did they give up on the staggered setup and low profile on the sports line ( package). I mean 45 profile may be considered low profile but I always think BMW pick on lower profiled tires set them apart. It's one of the things i never liked about the infinity g sedan when I was looking at getting one. The adaptive suspension shoud be able to dial out any harshness. And don't get me started on 225 on the rears on a sports sedan with sport package! Tell me I'm seeing this wrong.