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This review was nice and it makes me like the car more and more. But I would've like to see more driving from the reviewer.

From the short driving part at the end, I liked how the engine sounded, it pulled strongly and the transmission shifted very very quickly. Looks like this car will be a blast to drive. Man, the revs were climbing quickly!

In terms of looks, I didn't like the red strip on the dash and I'm not warming up to it. That is the only thing I don't like. But it can be eliminated by opting for aluminum trim with high-gloss black strip. The interior looks way better than Audi's and quite frankly I don't like many of Audi's interiors - don't see what their hype is about.

The exterior looks better and better each time I see videos of the car. The car looks aggressive and sporty.

Overall, the car seems way better than the E90. Ha ha, how funny that most current E9x owners "hate" on this F30. These guys come off as the E46 owners did when the E90 first came out.