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Again, I'm just struck by how stupid this reviewer guy is. He starts out with this shameless and transparent sales pitch about how car magazines don't really tell you the truth, but his stupid website does. The reason? Because unlike other reviewers, he spent his own money on a BMW. Really? So that's how you get an UNBIASED review, by picking someone who already chose to spend his hard earned money on a product closely related to the one he'll be reviewing? And then of course he proceeds to shamelessly lick BMW's butthole with every stupid sentence he utters. Borderline retarded behavior, really.

I'm not familiar with this website autospies, but it's actually disturbing that BMW would fly idiots like him to Spain for the fancy schmancy unveiling event. I know these things are never about unbiased journalism and always about maximum positive publicity, but this is just too shameless and classless.