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First time at this Forum. This IS the ultimate order tracking guide!!!

Kimo, I'm also getting a Performance Center Delivery and would appreciate any tips, since I only decided to do this a week ago!

For starters, if you're planning to fly in, at what point do you know your exact pick up date so you can book your tickets? I'm hoping I can drive down from Boston, drop off my current leases BMW in the area and pick up my new car. But in case I cant do that I'll have to fly in.

We plan to spend a few days in NC and maybe a couple of days in VA either going in or on the way back. I have a lot of miles left on my current lease so I'd like to put more miles on this car and less on my new car! ANY suggestions welcome: things to watch out for, scenic routes, hotels en route etc. Thanks,

Originally Posted by Kimo
The nice 1-800 lady tells me today that my wife's "vehicle is being transported to the port of exit." I assume yours is too? If you live in OH, would your car be coming into port in Charleston, or in NYC? We're doing a Performance Center Delivery in Spartanburg, so Charleston is right for us. Maybe we CAN make one of the July 5/6/7th boats. W&W is still not recognizing her VIN as being booked yet though.
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