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Originally Posted by deburn
First time at this Forum. This IS the ultimate order tracking guide!!!

Kimo, I'm also getting a Performance Center Delivery and would appreciate any tips, since I only decided to do this a week ago!

For starters, if you're planning to fly in, at what point do you know your exact pick up date so you can book your tickets? I'm hoping I can drive down from Boston, drop off my current leases BMW in the area and pick up my new car. But in case I cant do that I'll have to fly in.

We plan to spend a few days in NC and maybe a couple of days in VA either going in or on the way back. I have a lot of miles left on my current lease so I'd like to put more miles on this car and less on my new car! ANY suggestions welcome: things to watch out for, scenic routes, hotels en route etc. Thanks,
Has your dealer coordinated this with Spartanburg, i.e. faxed the PCD (Performance Center Delivery) Request Form down to them? Once that is done, they change the vehicle priority code from "1" -- meaning sold -- to "9" -- meaning PCD. You can call BMWNA at 800-831-1117 with your Vehicle production number or VIN to confirm that the change to PCD has been made. If this hasn't been done yet, my guess is that you'll really be pushing it to get the POA (port of arrival) changed from NYC to Charleston if your car is already built and waiting at the port in Bremerhaven.

Check out this thread:

I've answered some of your questions there. Consider the Blue Ridge Parkway for the return trip, but be aware of road closures near Asheville. Check out: and You can order PR materials from the first site. The Biltmore mansion in Asheville is very cool.

Let us know if your PCD works out. Maybe we'll see you there. I'm still waiting on a date confirmation from the PCD.