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Originally Posted by Goody4 View Post
By stupid people, you mean the BMW design team who helped this eyesore get all the way to production.
I tracked down the comment from SCOTT26 when the static pop-up display was first criticized:

Originally Posted by SCOTT26
You do realise you are looking at a poor quality photograph which does not show the detail of the new interior? Have patience and wait till Friday and you will see how it looks much better in official photographs.

The stand alone screen will be a feature of all new BMW models from now on.
It will just stand via the dash - The designers see it as having a flat screen TV in your car. At extra expense to BMW they have coated the screen with a glass that does not show up glare in strong sunlight.
See, we customers must be wrong to think of it as looking stupid. It's a "flat screen TV" in our cars!