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Originally Posted by TheLegendStig View Post

Whoever it is that you guys talk to over there in BMW, could you please tell him that the prank they are playing on us with this cheap japanese looking steering wheel is actually not funny?

When will they show us the real version? Its a prank, right? Please, oh please, first the turbos, now this? Whats next, they will start selling the "nitro package" and sponsor "fast and furious hong kong edition"?

Someone needs to fix the steering wheel, its absolutely horrible.
Hah, I guess it's a matter of taste. Personally, I love that steering wheel and consider it a reason to get the M Sport. But there are always options if you don't like it, e.g. the Performance wheel.

Originally Posted by bmw-nj View Post
Thanks south for answering all the questions.

Has the notchy 1-2 shift been fixed? Thanks.
I hope so. M Sport also comes with a short shifter, can't wait to see the first photos.

Originally Posted by pcmike View Post
south, or anyone with a definitive answer (of sorts)..

When can we expect the M3 Sedan? I really love this car, but sadly because of the engine choices (only going up to a N55, sadly) I just may need to pass over this and get a 550. My lease is up in October of this year... is there any chance in hell we will see a M3 Sedan before year's end?!
There are no definitive answers yet. But, the E92 and E93 M3 models will be available through summer/fall 2013 so it's highly unlikely that we'll see an F80 M3 before Fall 2013.

Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Do you think they'd fit the E9X M3?
You know, there's only one way to find out.

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