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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post combines the sportier profile of the E92 with the elegance of the 6er.

The good news is that underneath the disguise lies a very good looking car ,which really enhances the stylish and individual looks of the E92 with modern BMW design language and features...

The sleeker more dynamic roofline will also provide the basis for a very sexy looking four door Gran Coupe model which will bring the [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]sleek sportiness , premium image and ambience of the 6er Gran Coupe[/color] to the Premium entry sports segment.
SCOTT - I love you man,... but really? Adjectives like 'sleek' 'premium' 'sportiness' and nouns like 'image' 'ambiance' do NOT bode well for driving enthusiasts. It's a good thing this coupe will not be called a 3 series, since 3 series have traditionally stood for 'sport' 'dynamics' 'driving', etc. Looks to me the coupe lines have been sacrificed for future 'stretched' versions and some sort of 4 door hatch-back GT version.

Your 4 series language indicates (to me) BMW's internal direction w/ this chassis. And frankly I'm turned off, model expansion into confused GT versions and in all likelihood stretched versions for the Chinese has trumped performance and actual driving.

I love my 1M because its description is the precise opposite of your 4 series.

Please tell us performance drivers have something 'sports' 'performance' 'light' and 'aggressive' to look forward to. Perhaps an M2?