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I was just wondering if anyone is ordering this color?

I'm undecided in what color to order. I like light colors and I like metallic colors so really my only options are limited to the glacier silver or mineral white colors. Thanks a lot BMW for the whopping overwhelming choices :-( It seems like BMW selected mostly dark colors for this lineup. Ideally, I'd like something like a champaigne color which is largely silver with a very slight dash of beige in it.

I wonder how this glacier silver looks in person. I see the least of it in all of BMW's promo events and photos. Maybe the silver craze of the earlier part of this decade has unofficially died? Don't know. Remember that? When almost every car on the street was silver? But I still like silver. I can't imagine a 1950's Porsche or Mercedes Gullwing not being silver. Silver has always been a classic color in my mind, just sometimes I think it peaks and unpeaks in popularity.