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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Interesting site. Price tracking for photography stuff. Most of it is in Canadian dollars, but at the bottom is a chart for USD. The 7D was really pricey in late spring 2011 and has dropped quite a bit since. The current rebates end Feb. 4th and I'm debating whether or not to grab one before that or save more and get one later. I may pay a bit more later, but I'll be in a better position financially and I can't see really needing one until mid- to late-spring.
I'm of 2 minds (really 3, but the saying doesn't go that way) on this scenerio. 1, you won't be shooting till late spring as you say, so there really is no point. And if it will be less financial burden at that point, then that's a huge bonus.

2, if you have the money now, it may be worth getting familiarized with the functions of the 7D asap so that when late spring rolls around you'll be comfortable and shooting the 7D like it's an old friend.

3, lots of cameras are to come out this year, may be worth waiting to see what else comes out. That being said, the more cameras that come out, the more deals you'll see on the 7D, so it also may be just as cheap in 2-3 months as it is now, maybe more. There's no predicting.