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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
all three Luxury in 335i configuration, 2 MT, and 1 AT ...

So guys? what's the verdict?

CAn a Luxury Line car keep up with the Sport Line on Laguna Seca?

And what about the Manual Tranny? Any good? or should we just opt for the 8AT ?
I didn't get to drive the luxury line model vs sport line model on the track unfortunately. I only had time in the sport line models and it was a blast.

Keep up? Sure, it can probably be close, but given the same driver skill in both cars, the Sport Line with its sports suspension will no doubt handle better and shift faster if it's equipped with the faster shifting Sport Auto Transmission w/ Paddle Shifters (2TB) (assuming both cars have auto transmission).

Manual is good. It feels similar to an E90. Throws feel about the same distance. Have you seen the MT video @

The 8AT on a sport line with Sport Auto option w/ paddle shifters (2TB) is very impressive though (and I've never been hot on autos).

Will work on a full review soon.
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