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Originally Posted by Fundahl View Post
What is the most effective cardio as far as heat and time-effective? I personally think biking for cardio is dumb... but jump-rope and sprinting seem to work up a sweat pretty quick, as well as kick-boxing practice on a 200lb bag.

If I'm taking the proper amount of protein, but only doing cardio for a while, will I still lose muscle from burning calories?
The only cardio machine that kicks my ass (I can't run or jump or else I would do sprints mixed with box jumps and updowns) is the stairmaster. Do 3, 20 min intervals, ramping up the speed on each interval, the last one being at level 12 (or whatever level is just under running up the stairs). If you aren't fit enough to do the last one for all 20 min, slow it down. To keep in interesting, I try to beat my personal best on floors climed. So far my best is 154 floors in 20 min

Do the above in the morning, then weight training 4 days a week after work, eat better, and report back. You will be in summer shape in no time