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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
lol don't listen to this post.

I forgot, OP what does your typical week of training look like?
Lol. Alright Internet gym master...we should all probably listen to you just so you don't say retarded/non contributing posts.

I'm interested, what part of my post do you not agree with? Everything I posted is a proven, and idiot proof, way to lose weight. I will explain: The diet portion is, in effect, a paleo based diet (I'll give you time to read up on Paleo). and everyone needs a cheat day, saying you have to eat chicken/veggies all day, every day, is not sustainable. What people need to focus on is a sustainable figure/lifestyle, in my humble opinion. The stairmaster part, well you obviously haven't been on a stairmaster before at any level of intensity. Plus it's a good way to preserve your joints; I had knee surgery 4 months ago so I personally cannot run or jump but if one is able, I would recommend other forms of cardio. The cool thing about the stairmaster is that anyone can do it

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