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Originally Posted by golfinz View Post
Diet: high protein (not all in one meal as your body can only digest 30-60 grms of protein a meal depending on yoru size), low carb, no sugar, nuts, some fruit and veggies. I allow myself one day to eat whatever I want, which is usually Sunday, then I watch what I eat the rest of the week. If you don't like veggies, then egg whites, grilled chicken and sweet potatoes go a long way.

Stairmaster to help preserve the joints (I had knee surgery so I can't run or jump yet) then weight training.
Sorry, I'll be more specific. Your point about the body being able to absorb 30-60g protein has been proven debunked and a myth.

If you think that limiting certain foods is really what makes losing weight successful, you're wrong; it's a caloric deficit.

I'm not going to touch your post about only eating chicken and veggies, because that is not what I do or even mentioned.

The key to success is to count calories. Have a proper fat and protein intake and feel free to fill the rest with CHO. Adjust according to your goals. If you include a weight training schedule too, excellent.

That fucking simple. I eat what I want, when I want - I count calories by tracking macros.

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