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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
Any full grown man eating 1500 calories is doing it wrong. I'll agree to disagree here. GL to you whatever your goals are.

PS Counting calories will always win out. You're playing a guessing game with just eating "clean foods." That's why 9/10 people never get the results they want.
That number was just used for an example. Just like your "9/10 people never get the results they want" number.

Good luck counting calories the rest of your life It isn't a guessing game when eating healthy because your body will tell you when it's full and when it needs more fuel. With processed/unnatural foods, they trick your body into thinking different things (aka: aspertain, it is a chemical that TRICKS your brain into thinking something is sweet, when it isn't a sweetener at actually turns into fermaldihide at 86*...guess what our natural body temp is)