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Originally Posted by Robin Hood View Post
The difference between a 328i A and a 335i 6MT in the US specs sheet is 50kgs(110lbs) , sure the 328 HAS TO BE a tiny bit more agile because of less weight in front. Fair enough.
Come on. Let's not compare apples to oranges. How many people would be making the choice between a 328i A and a 335 MT? If anything, it would be the opposite. Comparing the cars with the same transmission gives you a differential of 165lb, not unsubstantial. And your characterization of the 328 being "a tiny bit more agile" is not what I picked up from the video. If that was the case, I don't think he would have mentioned it.

We don't want to have much weight up front, but we also want power and a good sound, don't we?
It's what I like to call "a tradeoff of priorities". It's the reason why BMW makes both models.

(BMW is trying to get their weightbalance 50/50, better take a look at Corvette or the Ferrari 599 for that matter....)