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Originally Posted by shicobico View Post
Sad. The new marketing slogan may as well say: We only make, one thing: The ultimate Toyota Corolla for young professionals and newly affluent families.

What happened to the ultimate driving machine? What does hands free trunk opening have anything to do with an ultimate driving machine? Reading texts? Comfort access? Cool and all, but too pedestrian and soccer-mommy oriented marketing for a brand that claims to make "ultimate driving machines".
Depends how you approach these ads. What really is the "Ultimate Driving Machine?" When BMW first started this marketing campaign, it was to show off the car and the segment they basically introduced/created - that is the driving dynamics of the 3-Series. By now everyone should now that is a staple of the 3-Series. With BMW, specifically the 3-Series, being so much more popular now, BMW can't continue to run with that, they had to market the tech especially to the Toyota/Lexus crowd. Now the Ultimate Driving Machine is driving dynamics + tech features (think complete package now). I don't see this as a cop out because this needed to be done.

Originally Posted by achien View Post

Not one out of the six items from the ads contribute to the "Ultimate Driving Machine".

No LSD, no re-active suspension, no super light weight materials...
This does nothing for the general public - they just don't care about it. Chances are if you're looking for these types of things, you're already an enthusiast therefore you don't need BMW to advertise these things for you. You think the average soccer mom cares about whether or not the 3-Series has a LSD when driving her kids? These ads are suppose to capture the general audience, not the 5% of BMW enthusiasts.

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