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Originally Posted by shicobico View Post
Sad. The new marketing slogan may as well say: We only make, one thing: The ultimate Toyota Corolla for young professionals and newly affluent families.

What happened to the ultimate driving machine? What does hands free trunk opening have anything to do with an ultimate driving machine? Reading texts? Comfort access? Cool and all, but too pedestrian and soccer-mommy oriented marketing for a brand that claims to make "ultimate driving machines".
With thought process like this, BMW would be making E30s forever. Or cars with a seat filled with grass padding.

How is keyless entry, keyless trunk, heated seats/steering wheel etc, taking away from the driving aspect of the car?

BMW or any car company are not making cars just for teenie boppers and people with racing in mind 24/7. They are making cars for everyone. And I shouldnt have to get a prius, a bmw, a porsche, an SUV, a mini bus just to accommodate the various things we deal with day to day.