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Originally Posted by koxal View Post
my question was not weight loss tho.!

after all that unrelated posts, here is my question again:

How to prevent your muscle mass while burning fat (losing weight)??
You already said though that you know it's not completely possible to prevent all muscle loss while burning fat. You'll lose both, but you can minimize muscle loss while burning fat, and people have already answered that.

And a lot of people gave you advice that you already acknowledged and a lot of links posted in here are good. There's also some pretty bad advice in here... I can guarantee that your workouts will suffer if you go no carb/low carb. Your theory about muscles being weaker meaning you're losing muscle is not true necessarily either... You could be weaker because you're not eating enough to sustain the proper energy levels, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're suffering from muscle loss. Please note, larger muscle mass isn't always associated with greater strength.

What else are you looking for, because I think you've already got your answer...?

And please, to some of the people posting their "e-creds" in here. No one cares if you used to be a D1 athlete. Some of the D1 athletes I've known are some of the biggest fatasses I've ever seen in my life now, in the real world after college. You're on the internet, and you're anonymous. Your supposed credentials mean nothing. People telling you that "I don't believe anything I read on the internet" and all that garbage, but then they post THEIR opinions and expect you to believe them... Please...

OP, you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but if you want to lose fat and minimize muscle loss, continue to lift, work in a bit more cardio, start a caloric deficit, but do it in steps. You need to find the right deficit, not just hack off 1000 calories right away, because you're workouts will likely crash hard and you'll feel like garbage. Find the amount of calories (less than what you eat now) it takes for you to continue working out and working hard while still being able to lift and push as hard (or as close to it) as you were while you were bulking, and chances are you'll lose minimal muscle while trying to cut. Your workouts will likely need to be refined, which is why Quick6EF was asking what your training regimen will be or is currently... But that doesn't change the fact that you will need to push hard, which means you need to eat, and you need to eat carbs too.
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